Who can file in Small Claims Court?

Any person(s) 18 years or older or any individual(s) doing business as a company may file a Small Claims case. A parent or guardian may file on behalf of a minor child. Each person who is a plaintiff in the claim must appear at the Clerk's Office to sign the complaint in the presence of a deputy clerk, or the signature must be notarized.

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1. How do I collect money from someone that owes me?
2. Who can file in Small Claims Court?
3. How much does it cost to file in Small Claims Court?
4. What forms of payment do you accept?
5. What do I need to bring in if I want to file a Small Claims suit against someone?
6. Do you have the forms for me to pick up?
7. What if I am suing a company?
8. What do I do if I want a jury trial to be set on my case?
9. How long after I file the suit will it go to court?
10. What will happen at the mediation session?
11. What if the party I am suing does not appear for the pretrial/mediation?
12. If the case has to be set for a final hearing, how soon will it be heard?
13. How will I be notified of the date of the final hearing?
14. How do I subpoena a witness to the hearing?
15. Will the final hearing be held in a courtroom?
16. What happens to my case if a settlement is reached, prior to the final hearing?
17. If the judge rules on my behalf, what does this mean?
18. What is a final judgment and how do I collect my money?
19. How do I obtain a lien against the Respondent/Defendant’s real property?
20. What is a Writ of Execution/Writ of Garnishment?
21. What are the rights as a defendant or respondent?