Tax Deeds / Lands Available

Tax Deed Sales are held monthly.  Online Tax Deed sales will be conducted online on scheduled sale days beginning at 9 a.m. Central Standard Time (CST). Unless otherwise noted or required by the court or state law, it will no longer be necessary to appear in person to participate in the sale. The Clerk's Office will provide a limited number of public computers for those without Internet access. 

Please contact the Clerk's Office at 850-595-3793 for availability. The sale of a particular property is subject to change without notice.

To request a Lands Available purchase quote please email There is a $7.00 fee to prepare the purchase statement.

Buyer Beware

You must do your own research for each property! Remember this is a "Buyer Beware" situation. This means that each buyer must conduct his or her own due diligence. Due diligence includes, but is not limited to, conducting independent research to insure that you are aware of any liens or encumbrances on the property. It is highly recommended that you research the properties prior to the sale in order to understand what you are purchasing at the sale. 

All properties sold are subject to additional years' taxes, which may or may not be included in the opening bid.

Different Name Registration

Effective May 10, 2010, when a tax deed is brought to sale and there is no bid, if the certificate holder wishes to register the tax deed under a different name, the certificate holder must pay an endorsement fee of $2.25 in accordance with Chapter 197.462(4), Florida Statutes. This fee must be paid to the Tax Collector's Office and a proof of receipt provided to Official Records before the name change may be executed.

Tax Deed Surplus Claim form