Payment Plans

To enter into a payment plan please click the link and fill out the form here:

Payment Plan Application

Florida Statutes Section 28.246(4) states that the Clerk of the Circuit Court shall accept partial payments for court-related fees, service charges, costs and fines in accordance with the terms of an established payment plan. The statute states that a person must apply to enter into a payment plan.

To offset the processing costs of a payment plan, the Clerk can either charge a one-time administrative processing charge or a monthly service charge. Florida Statutes Section 28.24(26).

Persons charged with a non-criminal Traffic Infraction under Chapter 318, Florida Statutes, may within 30 days after issuance of a citation enter into a payment plan with the Clerk to pay the civil penalty and delinquent fee. Florida Statutes Section 318.14(4)(a)).