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December 6, 2019     
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Court Services - Collections
Last Updated 6/2015

Payment Plans

Florida Statutes §28.246(4) states that the Clerk of the Circuit Court shall accept partial payments for court-related fees, service charges, costs and fines in accordance with the terms of an established payment plan. The statute states that a person must apply to enter into a payment plan.

To offset the processing costs of a payment plan, the Clerk can either charge a one-time administrative processing charge or a monthly service charge. Florida Statutes §28.24(26).

Persons charged with a non-criminal Traffic Infraction under Chapter 318, Florida Statutes, may within 30 days after issuance of a citation enter into a payment plan with the Clerk to pay the civil penalty and delinquent fee. Florida Statutes §318.14(4)(a)).

Contact Information

Collections Division

Telephone: (850) 595-4067   

Room 13001 - First Floor
190 W Government St
Pensacola, Florida  32502
Clerk of the Circuit Court
Collections Division
P.O. Box 333
Pensacola, Florida  32591-0333

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cases are covered?
Traffic Infractions, Criminal Traffic, Misdemeanor, and Felony cases qualify for a payment plan.

Is there a time limit for entering into a payment plan?
For Traffic Infraction cases, a payment plan will only be accepted within 30 days from the issue date of the citation. For Criminal Traffic, Misdemeanor, and Felony cases, a payment plan may be entered into at any time after court costs/fines have been assessed.

What is the minimum monthly payment amount?
For Traffic Infraction cases, payment plans will only be established for a 90-day period. Therefore, the minimum monthly payment will be one-third of the fine amount. For Criminal Traffic and Misdemeanor cases, the minimum monthly payment is $50.00. For Felony cases, the minimum monthly payment is $75.00.

What if my driver’s license has been suspended for failure to pay court costs/fines?
Upon entering into a payment plan, a suspension clearance letter will be issued for your driver’s license, as long as all other ticket requirements have been met (i.e., proof of insurance, proof of valid driver’s license, proof of registration).

How much does it cost to enter into a payment plan?
Each case will be assessed a $25.00 one-time administrative processing charge to establish the plan, which must be paid before entering into the plan. In addition, if a driver’s license suspension clearance letter is required, the required fee must be paid before entering into the payment plan.

I have multiple cases. Can I enter into a payment plan for all of my cases?
Yes. Multiple cases may be consolidated into a stacked payment plan.

How does a stacked payment plan work?
Payments will be applied to the newest case first until it is paid in full. The payments will then be applied to the next case in order until all cases are paid in full.

What happens if I do not make the scheduled payments?
A payment plan will be defaulted if the monthly payment is not paid within 5 days of the due date. Once a plan has been defaulted, a financial obligation suspension of your driver’s license will be processed on the case. In order to clear the suspension, all court-related fees, service charges, costs, and fines must be paid in full on the defaulted case. If you default on a stacked payment plan, you will be defaulted in all cases. Once a payment plan has been defaulted you will not be allowed to enter into an additional payment plan on that case.

What if I cannot make my scheduled payment?
Call the Clerk’s Collections Division, 850-595-4067, before the due date to discuss payment arrangements.

What do I need to do to enter a payment plan?
Complete the Payment Plan Application located in the Forms section below. Bring your completed form, identification and required fees ($25.00 administrative fee and $7.00 clearance letter fee, if applicable) to the Collections Division for processing.

When will my first payment be due?
Your first payment will be due 30 days from the date of the signed agreement.

What if I live out of town? Can I mail my application?
Yes. If you live out of town, you can mail your application to our office. Once your application has been received, we will prepare and send you a Payment Plan Agreement which will need to be signed before a notary public. The notarized agreement and required fees must be received before the plan will become effective and a driver’s license clearance letter issued (if applicable).