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December 7, 2019     
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Court Services - Child Support


Effective June 1, 2015, only the following methods will be available for child support or alimony payments:

 MAIL (Send check or money order to):
      Florida State Disbursement Unit
      P. O. Box 8500
      Tallahassee, Florida 32314-8500

 ONLINE: Visit the website at

The option to pay in person at the Clerk's Office will no longer be available as of June 1, 2015.

The Clerk's Office is responsible for Child Support cases in Escambia County, Florida by:

  • Initially setting up the child support case
  • Maintaining a written record of all Court hearings
  • Tracking the payment history
  • Maintaining records on arrearages

Contact Information

(850) 595-3043

All Department of Revenue (DOR) child support cases are now located at:

Family Law Division
M.C. Blanchard Judicial Building
190 W. Government Street
Pensacola, Florida 32502
(850) 595-4331

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I obtain Florida child support arrearage information regarding workers' compensation claimants?
The Office of the Judge of Compensation Claims now has access to both the Department of Revenue and the Clerk’s child support arrearage information and databases. Requests for child support arrearage information in Florida workers’ compensation cases should be filed with the assigned Judge of Compensation Claims using the e-JCC system. Effective January 1, 2014, any requests for child support arrearage in a workers’ compensation case received by the Clerk’s office will be directed to the OJCC.

What is child support?
Child Support is money paid from one parent to the other for the benefit of their children.

Who is the obligor?
The obligor is the parent that is ordered to pay child support.

Who is the obligee?
The obligee is the parent that receives child support.   A person whose duty it is to safeguard and account for that which is given into his custody.

What is the Florida State Disbursement Unit (SDU)?
The Florida State Disbursement Unit (SDU) is required by Federal Law to collect and disburse child support payments ordered by the court.

The Florida State Disbursement Unit was established pursuant to Florida Statutes, s. 61.1824 and the Federal Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1999 (commonly known as the Welfare Reform Act). Also, pursuant to Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, the SDU provides one central address for the collection and disbursement of child support payments in cases enforced by the Department of Revenue.

In Florida, cases with an initial support order issued on or after January 1, 1994, in which the obligor's child support is being paid through an Income Deduction Order/Income Withholding Order (IDO/IWO) are also collected and disbursed by the SDU.

What is an Income Deduction Order/Income Withholding Order (IDO/IWO) (FL Statute 61.1301)?
A court order that instructs the obligor's employer to withhold the child support payment from the obligor's income and send it to the SDU.

When will my employer start making payments through the SDU?
Based on your Income Deduction Order/Income Withholding Order (IDO/IWO), your employer must initiate payment within 15 business days after the employer received the Notice to Payor. You are responsible for any payments that come due prior to income deduction.

How do I get help when I am not receiving court ordered child support?

  • Call the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) Child Support Services at 850-488-KIDS (5437) if DOR is involved in your case.
  • Visit the Clerk & Comptroller's office to file motions for contempt, enforcement, etc. Call 850-595-4331 to find out which office to visit.
  • Consult with an attorney for legal advice.

How to enforce Child Support payments?
The Clerk's Office has very little power when it comes to child support enforcement. The Clerk's Office will file a judgment against an obligor if the account becomes delinquent. The judgment becomes a lien against any real property owned by the individual.

In private child support cases, upon the request of the obligee, the Clerk's Office will initiate an action to suspend the driver's license privileges and motor vehicle registration of delinquent obligors.

The Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) Child Support Services has an agency specifically for child support enforcement. They are located in Escambia County Florida at 2205 La Vista, Pensacola, FL 32504 (map), telephone 850-488-KIDS (5437).

Your personal attorney can enforce your child support rights as well.

Method of Payment?

  • Child support is paid through the Florida State Disbursement Unit (FL SDU). Mail your check to: Florida State Disbursement Unit, P. O. Box 8500, Tallahassee, FL 32314-8500
  • Online at the Online Child Support Services , using a credit or debit card or setting up an automatic electronic transfer from your bank.
  • Have your payments deducted from your paycheck through an Income Deduction Order.
  • Make payment directly to the custodial parent (if stated by the court order).

Payment Inquiry?
If you would like to inquire as to the date the last payment was made and the amount of the payment, we now have a 24hour automated Support Information System to assist you. You can access your case payment information by using a touch-tone telephone. The phone number for accessing the automated system is 850-595-3043 (area code 850 required if long distance). You must have your case number and social security number available. The automated attendant will instruct you as to how to input your information.

You may search online at Online Child Support Services or contact the SDU at 877-769-0251

Payment Reduction or Increase?
Florida law states that child support can be reduced or increased if substantial change has occurred. This change may occur by either the respondent or the petitioner. A hearing must be held and an order obtained for a modification. All pleadings must be filed in accordance with the Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure.

How can I get credit for child support payments made directly to the recipient?
You may file a Request for Credit for Direct Payments of Child Support. Instruction and forms are available at the Clerk & Comptroller's office or online under Family Law Forms. Please note that you are only allowed to make this request one time. If you wish to continue paying directly to the other party, you will need to file a Motion to Modify the Final Judgment and have a hearing before the Court.

It is important that both parties stay informed about their child support account in order to avoid delinquencies or over payments.

How can I have my payment deposited into my bank account?
If you receive your services through the Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement, and your payments come through their office, contact DOR at 1-850-488-5437 for direct deposit information.

For all other payments, contact the Domestic Relations Division of the Clerk's office at phone 850-595-3770, to arrange for direct deposit. They may request that you submit the SDU Child Support Direct Deposit Authorization Form listed below.