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Minutes of the
Board of County Commissioners
are prepared by
Honorable Pam Childers
Clerk of the Circuit Court's
Office of the
Clerk to the Board
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The Honorable Pam Childers, Clerk of the Circuit Court, in accordance with Florida Statute 28.12, is the clerk and accountant of the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners (BCC).

As Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners, this Clerk to the Board office is the official record depository for the BCC. The office is responsible for: attendance at BCC meetings; transcription of the minutes; maintenance of permanent records associated with the BCC; and keeping BCC-approved Resolutions, Ordinances, contracts and agreements. The Clerk to the Board office also functions as Clerk to the BCC appointed Value Adjustment Board.

The Clerk to the Board office is located in Suite 130 of the Ernie Lee Magaha Government Building located at 221 Palafox Place in Pensacola, Florida.

Available Documents

June 1997 - Present
Board Minutes documents are available in PDF format with Full Text Search capability and with electronic images accompanying the exhibits and supporting documents.

August 1984 - May 1997
Board Minutes text is searchable using a computerized indexing system. Images of minutes, exhibits, and supporting documents are available on microfilm only.

October 1868 - July 1984
Board Minutes documents are available in Bound Board Minutes books and on microfilm.

Minutes and Resumes Explained

The Resume document is available on this website until the Minutes are approved.


The "Resume" document is a summary report which shows recommendations presented to the Board of County Commissioners ( BoCC ) on the agenda and various Reports; i.e., Clerk's Report, Growth Management Report, County Administrator's Report, County Attorney's Report, etc..., in the order presented on the agenda cover sheet, with the BoCC's action noted below each recommendation; e.g. "Approved 5-0 or Approved 4-1, with Commissioner ? voting "no"". The Resume document does not include motions and votes, no speakers are listed, and the document is finalized and distributed the first working day following the Board Meeting.


The "Minutes" document is a report which includes titles for, and records the motions and votes depicting the BoCC's final action on, all recommendations presented for BoCC action; e.g., "Motion made by Commissioner ?, seconded by Commissioner ?, and carried unanimously, approving..." The Minutes document presents each item in the order in which it was addressed by the BoCC and lists any public speakers under the corresponding item(s). The final Minutes document is presented for BoCC approval at the next regularly scheduled Meeting and is available for public access via the Clerk's website after BoCC approval.

How To Search

To search using Board Minutes Web Search, enter a search request in the space provided in the Minutes Search sections and click the Search button.

Searches may be conducted for ALL years that documents are available or for single or for selected years to narrow the search results.

Boolean search logic using "AND", "OR", "NOT", "Quotes", and "Parentheses ( )" may be used in searches to further narrow the search results.

Wildcard searches using an asterisk "*" to represent any number of matching letters, a question mark "?" to represent a single matching letter, and a tilde "~" to represent deviations of a word are also supported.

Clickable buttons are available in those Board Minutes PDF documents that have imaged supporting documents such as contracts, proclamations, reports, etc... The user may click on these buttons to view the TIFF image of the supporting document.

Detailed Search Help is available by clicking Help on the Board Minutes menu above.


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Contact Information

For Further information, please contact:
Clerk to the Board Office
First Floor, Ernie Lee Magaha Government Building
221 Palafox Place
Suite 130
Pensacola, Florida 32501
(850) 595-3920
8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday