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Operating income is the result of operating revenues less operating expenses.  The chart below compares 
operating income or loss for all enterprise funds and indicates the extent to which the cost of the activity is 
supported by what is charged for the service.   
Solid Waste Fund Inspection Fund Ambulance Fund Civic Center Fund
Business‐type Activities
Operating Income (Loss)
Operating revenues in the Solid Waste Fund increased 8% along with a 1% decrease in operating expenses.  
Roughly half of the increase in revenue was due to the expanded service available at the new Transfer Station that 
became operational in fiscal year 2010.  The revenue increase represents an increase in the tonnage of solid waste 
disposed by commercial haulers at the Transfer Station.  The other largest source of increased revenue was 
$663,000 generated by the sale of gas discharge to the County’s electric power company, Gulf Power Company.  
Overall, the operating expenses decreased a modest $103,743 mainly due to decreased utility and maintenance 
The Inspection Fund experienced a 4.47% increase in permits and fees revenue this year as compared to fiscal year 
2010 which was directly attributable to the increase experienced in the number of permits issued during fiscal year 
2011.  Operating costs decreased in several areas including a .4% decrease in salaries and a 3.09% decrease in 
communications.  The most notable decrease is a 52% decrease in rents and leases.  The Central Office Complex 
Building was completed in September 2010 and the Building Inspections Department, along with Engineering 
moved into the new building during September 2010 and had no rent payments for office space during fiscal year 
2011.  Operating revenues were still short of covering operating costs by $649,203. 
The Ambulance Fund experienced a 16.9% decrease in their charges for services revenue during fiscal year 2011.    
This decrease is mainly due to the winding down of the BP Oil Spill Clean‐up project.  Services rendered to the BP 
contractors in fiscal year 2010 were $3,886,557 versus $1,507,924 in services for fiscal 2011.  While holding their 
operating expenses at a fairly constant level from last year, there was not a need to receive a transfer subsidy from 
the General Fund.  The net change in assets was $2,780,527, with a net operating profit of $2,163,000.  A 
comparison of the net operating profit to last year would not be meaningful due to the inclusion of the one‐time 
revenues for services rendered during the BP Oil Spill Clean‐up efforts.