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Most notable expense reductions by the Solid Waste Fund were a 16% reduction in utilities costs and 36% 
reduction in maintenance costs. 
 The Inspections Fund experienced an 8.4% increase in the number of permits issued during fiscal year 
2011.   This increase may indicate a slight improvement in the housing and building construction industry 
although the County awaits a more robust rebound across the area. 
The Ambulance Fund experienced an increase in net assets in fiscal year 2011 of $2,780,527 compared to 
an increase in fiscal year 2010 of $5,836,846.  This more modest increase reflects operations without the 
one‐time revenues last year from BP for services rendered during the Oil Spill Cleanup.  Expenses held 
fairly steady in fiscal year 2011 compared to fiscal year 2010 with a slight decrease of 2.6% in personal 
service costs.  There was no subsidy from the General Fund in fiscal year 2011, whereas in fiscal year 
2010, the Ambulance Fund received an $800,000 subsidy from the General Fund. 
The Civic Center Fund experienced a 12% decrease in charges for services revenues in fiscal year 2011.  
While there was a negligible difference in the number of events, the amount of direct event revenue in 
fiscal year 2011 was down 35% from fiscal year 2010.  There was a 16% increase in the amount of transfer 
subsidy from the Tourist Development Tax in the form of a cash subsidy in order for the Civic Center to 
pay vendors and payroll.  The decrease in revenue was accompanied by a 13% decrease in contractual 
services which when combined, resulted in a decrease in net assets of $216,161.   
In keeping with fiscal conservatism, the business‐type activities are committed to maximizing revenue while 
striving to minimize operating costs thereby avoiding the need to raise service fees.   
The graph below compares the expenses to the program revenues supporting the operations. 
Solid Waste
Civic Center
Business‐type Activities
Expenses and Program Revenues
For the Fiscal Year 2011
Program Revenues