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This part of the Escambia County Government’s comprehensive annual financial report presents detailed information 
as a context for understanding what the information in the financial statements, note disclosures, and required 
supplementary information says about the government’s overall financial health. 
Financial Trends
– These schedules contain trend information to help the reader understand how the government’s 
financial performance and well‐being has changed over time. 
Revenue Capacity
 – These schedules contain information to help the reader assess the County’s most significant 
sources of revenue. 
Debt Capacity
– These schedules contain information to help the reader assess the affordability of the County’s current 
level of debt and the County’s ability to issue debt in the future. 
Demographics and Economic Information
– These schedules offer demographics and economic indicators to help the 
reader understand the environment within which the County’s financial activities take place. 
Operating Information
 – These schedules contain information regarding the number of employees, the operating 
indicators, and the capital assets used in the various functions and programs.