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January 23, 2019     
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Court Services - Name Change

The Name Change process is used when an individual or a family wants to ask the court to change their name. If one parent asks for a name change of a minor child(ren), the process MUST be served on the other parent and proof of service on the other parent must be filed with the court. See Florida Statute 68.07 for legal authority for Name Change.

All name change petitions, except where a former name is being restored, must include a copy of the petitioner’s fingerprints taken by a law enforcement agency, including children ages 5 and older.  Fingerprint cards may be obtained at the Escambia County Sheriff's Office.

Contact Information

Family Law Division

Telephone: (850) 595-4331   

Room 23012 - Second Floor
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Clerk of the Circuit Court
Family Law Division
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